Our Company’s Participation at CIBUSTEC 2019

Once again, our company eagerly and successfully took part in the 52nd edition of the CIBUSTEC 2019 exhibition held in Parma from the 22nd to the 25th October.

CIBUSTEC 2019 was our second appearance as exhibitors. We wanted to be there as a major player rather than just as visitors, to showcase to both Italian and foreign food technology companies, not only the corporate side of our company, but also and above all our cutting-edge engineering solutions, intended primarily for mechanised production processes in the food sector.

By definition, our participation at CIBUSTEC had a double significance for us:
Introducing ourselves to a larger and more extensive market.

Demonstrating our ability to compete with other highly-technical supply-side businesses, clearly marking ourselves out as a company that combines in-depth knowledge of food sector production processes with the ability to design and engineer organically evolved solutions thanks to our streamlined, flexible structure.

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