Our company’s participation in Cibus Tec 2016

As part of the development and communication process we initiated in 2015, we participated in the 51st Annual Cibus Tec 2016, held in Parma from 25 to 28 October, with great success and satisfaction.

Cibus Tec 2016 was the first time our company took part in this event as an exhibitor.

We wanted to attend this event as protagonists, not simply as visitors, to introduce our company to operators in the Italian and international mechanical-food market, presenting both the institutional side of our organization (with a video), as well as our engineering solutions. Our main focus is production processes in the food and pharma industries.

As an example of our expertise in designing and building process systems with cutting-edge technology, we presented a high energy-efficient HTST unit.

By participating in Cibus Tec, our aims were two-fold:

  • To introduce ourselves to a wider and more lucrative market.
  • To demonstrate that we are ready to compete on the market with other operators at the same technical and technological level. In this sense, our company is capable of uniting outstanding competence and deep know-how of production processes  with design and engineering expertise, together with the flexibility of an organization that is structurally streamlined yet organically evolved.