Our quality

Lies in the satisfaction of our clients

At Prototech, the concept of quality is embedded in a well-defined industrial process, and not simply in construction (although this too is essential). This is why, when designing and building plants and machinery, Prototech engineers adopt appropriate operational behaviors to guarantee the characteristics, the performance, and the serviceability of the system. 

Therefore, in all our projects, Prototech keeps a sharp focus on:

  • The client’s needs.
  • Translating these needs into characteristics which we constantly monitor.
  • Creating a definitive design for the machinery or plant.
  • Building it.
  • The actual production process.
  • Verifying that plant performance meets the client’s needs and provides expected results 
  • Post-sales.

The final quality that Prototech achieves is visible in the materials, the building method, and the performance of our plants.