Bins for storing aerosol valves

UHT whipped cream in spray cans is produced using aerosol valves, which are sterilized with gamma rays in specially designated areas.
Because these valves must remain sterile until they are attached to the spray can, they must be moved from storage containers to processing rooms in safe and sanitary conditions.
Furthermore, when containers are resealed, the valves that are still inside must remain totally germ-free.
To respond to this need, Prototech has created bins for storing and sterilizing valves for aerosol whipped cream. These bins, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, come in a variety of sizes and volumes, and are designed to be stocked, irradiated, opened for distribution and closed again while keeping the contents completely sterile.
The unloading hatch is custom-designed for the specific type of production plant (for example, a Serac plant). Thanks to the unique structure, the control mechanisms, and the high volume capacity (up to 60,000 valves), users can reduce the risk of contamination as compared to plastic containers and/or smaller containers, which need to be opened more frequently.
Our bins are designed to make them easy to move with pallet jack and/or forklifts and can be stacked when stored.

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