Cleaning in place (CIP)

Cleaning in place (CIP) indicates system solutions equipped with mechanical and chemical mechanisms needed for cleaning pipes, storage tanks, sterile tanks, entire production lines, packaging machines and various equipment that comes in contact with the product in question. CIP units make it possible to reset processing plants to accommodate new production without having to disassemble any component.
Prototech designs and builds CIP units utilizing PLCs to provide extreme precision in controlling the parameters which guarantee proper cleaning and sanitization.
Product control relates primarily to data on temperature, concentration of water/detergent solutions and contact time of detergents with systems and equipment to clean and sterilize.
Prototech builds both manual and automated CIP units, integrated into pre-existing plants or placed on fixed or mobile platforms, with direct or remote control in process control rooms.
Prototech’s CIP units are designed and constructed in compliance with 3A Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical sectors.

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