Cooling systems for milk serum

Thanks to our expertise in building processing plants, we at Prototech design complete solutions for cooling via heat exchangers and storing milk serum from cheese processing, to enable its transportation to collection centers.
Before designing any system, Prototech carefully analyzes our client’s current production and processing plants to explore the possibility of exploiting all available refrigeration units for cooling during treatment and production processes. The aim here is to avoid the use of cooling centers and the related increase in costs.
Our plants have automatic temperature and flow control mechanisms for milk serum and other fluids used in the cooling process.
Once the milk serum reaches the desired temperature, it is placed in insulated refrigerated tanks which maintain that temperature only as long as necessary. These tanks have built-in mechanisms for loading the serum into transportation tanks.
Our cooling systems and storage tanks are equipped with Cleaning In Place (CIP) systems and built according to 3A Standard following Good Manufacturing Practices.

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