Labeling and sleeving systems

Although Prototech does not produce labeling/sleeving machines, our company does build systems for handling these processes, even with a certain degree of complexity. Our systems are designed to be adapted to the kind of container to be labelled, to the line where it will be installed, and to the type of work environment.
Prototech’s distinctive engineering experience and our inclination for innovation allow us to find efficient and satisfactory solutions to problems that normally arise before and after the labeling stage. Due to the particular characteristics of the products to label and the environment where the systems will function, machinery needs to be specifically designed for flipping or rotating containers, if necessary, as well as drying them, all without damaging the products or reducing the efficiency of the line.
For its labelling systems in copacking projects, Prototech utilizes high-quality application machinery recognized by the market; this machinery, particularly suited to the specific type of label/sleever in question, is reliable and comes with a good maintenance network . All the other components of the system are realized with materials that are suitable for the environment, type of production and speed of the line.
Design and construction are implemented in accordance with current regulations, with Good Manufacturing Practices and with the certification of the entire system.

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