Mixing room

Mixing rooms are areas designed to prepare recipes consisting of liquid or powder-based ingredients. These ingredients are automatically dosed and moved to special tanks for the final stage of product preparation.
Today’s safety standards for health and hygiene adopted by the pharmaceutical and food industries for all preparations require these specially designated areas to be equipped with air filtering and treatment systems, CIP systems, and plants and machinery that prevent any damage to products in order to guarantee product homogeneity.
With respect to these basic characteristics, and to meet the needs of its clients, Prototech designs and builds manual and automated mixing rooms, comprising the structures that will house the equipment needed to prepare mixtures, and transport to utilization tanks.
Prototech uses machinery, pumps, valves, weighing and dosing systems and plant components which are certified and suited to each specific use.
We build all our builds in compliance with the ATEX Directive and Good Manufacturing Practices.
As always, before delivering any Prototech plant or product, we provide everything our clients need, from testing to documentation, to validating processes to training personnel.

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