Picking areas

Prototech creates picking areas in room-temperature or refrigerated warehouses (for product storage up to zero degrees).
Relative designs can be based on “direct” picking for products that come directly from production, or “indirect” picking for products arriving from the warehouse or storage cells.
In both cases, Prototech uses advanced equipment and software capable of managing the missions and stock flows of high-shelf and storage warehouses and picking areas, as well as generating single or batch orders.
Based on a meticulous analysis of critical project data, Prototech’s engineers select the most appropriate managerial models, individual operational phases, spaces and equipment.
Upon request, Prototech also builds structures to house picking activities, with built-in climate control systems as required.
Within this area of specialization, Prototech offers complete solutions for packaging single units of product or for secondary packaging to be carried out post-production and moving items from holding warehouses to customization areas.

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