Receiving and storing systems

Prototech builds plants for receiving, storing, and controlling products, custom-designed to meet the needs of our clients and technically adapted to receive the different types of product delivered by tankers (milk, cream, fruit purees, eggs, water, sugar, liquid and powder ingredients, etc.) or tanks to be stored in the appropriate containers.
Our installations are most often made entirely of stainless steel, with all the equipment needed for unloading, deaeration, cooling and cleaning, they can also be delivered on platforms as pre-assembled units.
In designing and building our plants, Prototech technicians are particularly attentive to the physical, chemical, and organoleptic properties of incoming products in relation to the materials used and how they are processed (the surface finish inside stainless steel piping, welds, valves, instrumentation for product control and handling, etc.) Prototech can provide turnkey plants or serve as project manager, working with qualified partners who directly supply specific components such as stainless steel storage tanks.
Our installations are equipped with mechanisms for handling and controlling incoming products which can be set up to function autonomously or integrated in the overall process management system.
The specific skill sets and expertise of our designers and our installers guarantee seamless functionality, conforming to 3A Standards and Good Manufacturing Practices.

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