Systems for internal transport and handling, palletizing and stocking

Prototech designs and builds intelligent internal transport plants that can meet our client’s needs in every logistical phase involving finished products: handling packaged products, palletizing and stocking products, extracting products for shipping, channeling products into picking areas. As for incoming raw materials and production logistics, we offer systems for unloading, storing, loading, and conveying materials to prepping and packaging areas.
Exceptional engineering and technological skills acquired through years of experience in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical sectors enable Prototech to build high-tech systems with advanced and intelligent automated mechanisms for plant management and operations.
Prototech designs handling systems with an eye to managerial and functional aims agreed upon with our clients. In addition, Prototech evaluates and analyzes all factors that have a concrete impact on the expected performance of the systems we deliver, such as environmental characteristics, resources needed for system management, safety, costs, etc.
All Prototech plants are built by our engineers in on-site facilities, with the exception of certain components such as rollers, robots, etc. The materials used in our plants (electric, electronic, and pneumatic components and structures) are determined by the specific features of the environment where they will be installed (humid, saline, sterile, and so forth).
As per standard procedures, critical systems are pre-assembled in Prototech workshops and tested before being delivered and installed in the client’s facilities. We also offer our clients the opportunity to be present during testing so they can carry out the initial inspection in person, if they wish.
After the installation, our systems undergo production tests to certify their conformity to the project and realization of project goals, and to guarantee the repeatability of all operations.
As part of the validation procedure, Prototech offers training programs for personnel on plant operations and ordinary maintenance.

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