Systems for moving fluids and semi-fluids

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the chemical, physical, and organoleptic properties of the products to be moved during preparation and packaging processes, Prototech can design and build plants in stainless steel to transport fluids with varying densities and at different temperatures, allowing us to guarantee to our clients faultless product movement and handling in the pipes, and the complete certainty that product quality and hygiene are maintained during the processes.
To create our piping, Prototech has available a team of technicians and welders specialized in stainless steel (PED certified) particularly skilled in the constructing of piping for moving fluids and semi-fluids.
Operating competently mainly in the sectors of food and pharmaceuticals, where demanding testing and validation are a requirement for approval, Prototech, in addition to design, it pays special attention to the mechanical, functional, and hygienic suitability of all the materials we use – to the quality of the manufacturing of the installation, in order to prevent any stagnation points in welds and joints, which could result in poor sanitization – and- to the system operation and management, so as to guarantee that all processes are flawlessly repeatable.

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