Treatment systems – HTST pasteurization

The basic processes in the food industry, which serve to guarantee the safety of the products for consumption, are the heating and cooling of liquid foods in plate or tube heat exchangers.
For pasteurization and sterilization plants, whether integrated or platform-based, Prototech sources treatment systems with cutting-edge technology from the Italian and the international market.
The added value that Prototech offers, compared to other major process engineering companies with similar competencies and technical quality, lies in our ability to think outside the box and beyond standardized solutions. In fact, Prototech designs and builds customized systems that are adapted to a specific product and/or process. All this respecting the principles of technology, productivity, food safety, taste and nutrition.
The extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector, where all processes are exceptionally meticulous and highly critical, has enabled Prototech to sharpen its skills both in system design and implementation.
In this area, Prototech also offers its clients certified services for improving or modernizing processes, with the aim of implementing technological advances, expanding production capacity, modifying time/temperature parameters, utilizing different products, applying new quality and safety standards, etc., all of this adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices.

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