Who we are

Founded in 1996 in Ascoli Piceno by Umberto Camela, Roberto Camela and Dino Angelini, Prototech Food Process Engineering is involved mainly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, offering expertise in process technologies, appliances (plant and machinery), materials, management consultancy, automation, secondary packaging and internal logistics (handling and storage).

Twenty-five years’ experience together with an engineering background and a constant awareness of emerging technologies allows the company to design and implement both standard and customised technological solutions for particular processes and products.

Amongst our staff, our project managers oversee projects from initial development to training of the customers' technical staff, with whom they maintain a constant relationship even after handover.

This innovative attitude means Prototech stands out in the market for its competence, reliability and professionalism, consolidating its offer and expanding it into other sectors and markets.

Prototech collaborates with major national companies and has a structure of highly qualified personnel with the necessary skills for technological, mechanical, electrical and software design for industrial automation.

The markets where Prototech’s knowledge of products and processes are most appreciated are above all in the food sector, in milk and milk derivatives, stretched-curd cheeses, hard and semi-hard cheeses, drinks, eggs and chocolate.

Its technological solutions cover the entire production process, with applications for the receipt and storage of low and high viscosity liquid and solid raw materials, heat treatment, internal transport of process fluids and semifluids, sanitation, secondary packaging, internal logistics, mixing of powders and liquids, sugar dissolution.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Prototech’s technological solutions mainly concern production of purified water (PW), with applications involving the treatment and storage, filling, distribution, dosing units and rooms for the preparation of pharmaceutical formulations.

Today, Prototech boasts the necessary organisational structure and skills to be able to effectively compete as a supplier of process engineering solutions, both at a technical and competitive level, with other market operators in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, at both a national and European level.