Food Industry

Food Industry

Careful attention to our customers’ needs allied to a sensitivity and respect for corporate values places Prototech among the process engineering companies whose knowledge, expertise and experience make it a reference point for SMEs in the food sector. Its offer not only concerns the supply of processing plant and equipment, but rather a more complete, in-depth involvement that looks at the entire production process.

Our operational methodology starts with the study of the raw materials earmarked for transformation into finished products, through physical, chemical and biological processes, and we use this information to arrive at an innovative, sustainable and productive technological solution that fulfils the objective.

Our offer, destined for the food sector, ranges from incoming logistics (applications involving receipt and storage systems for solid and liquid raw materials, systems for preparing raw materials, ingredients and processing aids, mixing of powders and liquids, heat treatment, sanitisation with innovative CIP / SIP washing systems, piping for ultra-clean and sterile production and packaging processes) to secondary packaging and active conservation​ (the programming, control and management of temperature, humidity and air quality).

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