Complete lines for the production of stretched-curd cheeses

Our company designs and engineers complete systems for the handling and production of mozzarella and stretched-curd cheeses. Our products are highly engineered and functionally advanced, flexible and tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Thanks to more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and dairy sectors and to the high level of engineering expertise we have acquired in the products we process, operational and performance guarantees are the foundation of our offer.

Particular attention in our design and engineering is paid to process liquids such as water and preserving liquid. The water used must be hygienically suitable for this purpose and in particular comply with safe drinking water standards. This condition, which is an essential prerequisite for production, must be guaranteed throughout the production process, both through the use of programmed self-monitoring procedures and the environmental and operational conditions of the facilities (storage, loops, curing tanks, etc.), which must be maintained at all times to prevent product contamination. The preserving liquid, which is functional from a technological point of view - and is prepared according to the methods specified for the various products and procedures determined by the manufacturer - is important both from a technological and organoleptic standpoint (for mozzarella preservation) and from a food safety perspective; a whole array of technological safeguards and quality controls must be in place during the preparation process to ensure that both production and distribution to the consumer are safe.

Our systems are built in accordance with the very best construction techniques, using materials (mechanical, electrical, electronic and management) that are suitable for the type of production process and the environment in which they will have to operate. They are equipped with automated process management and control mechanisms that can be managed and monitored both locally and remotely, so as to ensure constant, high-quality production. Our company is also geared up to work in remote mode, at the customer's request, to assist with maintenance and operational work.

The equipment supplied is equipped with automatic CIP / SIP washing and sanitising units, fitted with suitable management, tracking and control systems, which guarantee a maximum level of hygiene and sanitary safety and are designed to make the cleaning process both cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. The equipment not produced in our factory is supplied by specially chosen partners with proven technological expertise, and should therefore be considered an integrated component of our overall system design and supply, and is subject to the same tests and guaranteed results that we offer. The added value we offer dairy companies is the singularity of our systems: design, engineering, installation and testing.


- Milk reception
- Curd preparation
- Stretching
- Salting
- Moulding
- Cooling and hardening
- Loading to packaging machines
- Secondary packaging
- Sorting areas


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