Complete lines for the production of hard and semi-hard cheeses

Our company designs and engineers complete plants for SMEs for the production of hard and semi-hard, medium and matured cheeses. The systems are built using the best technology available on the market, in accordance with the specific needs of the client and the specific nature of the product. The solutions proposed take into consideration various factors including production yield and the quality of the raw materials, the type of cheese in terms of consistency of texture and maturity, production yields and the production method - fundamental features in a business like cheese making. These critical aspects, with which we are perfectly familiar, mean that special attention must be paid in the design process to the layout of the plant, which touches on a number of factors: climate-controlled production environments, standardisation of raw materials, choice of hoppers, drainage systems, filling of block moulds, maturing facilities with high hygiene, humidity and temperature control standards. These elements are all necessary and fundamental to production and quality targets.

Our systems are built in accordance with the very best construction techniques, using materials (mechanical, electrical, electronic and management) that are suitable for the type of production process and the environment in which they will have to operate. They are equipped with automated process management and control mechanisms that can be managed and monitored both locally and remotely, so as to ensure constant, high-quality production. Our company is also geared up to work in remote mode, at the customer's request, to assist with maintenance and operational work.

Our plant lines are equipped with CIP / SIP washing and sanitising units with automated process management and controls. These systems can be controlled and monitored both locally and remotely and guarantee a high level of hygiene / sanitary safety, making the sanitisation process both economically and environmentally sustainable. The “added value” we offer dairy companies is the singularity of supply, design, engineering, installation and testing by our technicians.


- Milk reception
- Milk pre-treatment, sterilisation and heat treatment
- Coagulation
- Curd flavouring
- Semi-automatic or automatic moulding
- Stewing
- Resting and salting
- Ripening

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