Plant for the preparation, management and control of preserving liquids

Prototech, a company based in Ascoli Piceno that has been operating for over twenty years in Food Process Engineering, designs and manufactures process systems for the dissolution of powders, their management and function within the products (both as ingredients and as additives), offering its vast knowledge and experience gained over the years both in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Having created numerous systems for the dissolution of sucrose and its managed and controlled dosage for food and confectionery companies, the company facilitates the food sector with its systems on skid platforms for the sensitive and delicate processes of salt dissolution and its management.

Preserving liquid production and management, and its safe transfer to packaging machines, are of considerable importance both from a hygienic, sanitary and organoleptic perspective. For example, our latest project had the goal of dissolving salt contained in bulk bags, storing it and distributing it (actually two specific plant elements were required: one for the concentrated, stored saline solution, the other for a calibrated dose of the diluted solution for the end product).


Having analysed the data concerning the quantity of liquids to be handled, the management procedures and the goals to be achieved, in the project Prototech turned its attention to the design of an automated skid-mounted system with controls for managing the dissolution and distribution to the end users, with calibration and dosing through development of formulations, accessible from the HMI panel. The only manual activity envisaged is that of transferring the salt from the bulk bags to the dissolver (automated if necessary). Once this operation has been carried out and the storage conditions and properties of the salt have been assessed, the plant starts the dissolution process in varying concentrations (in this case from 17 to 20%) with water suitable for the purpose.

The concentrate obtained is then stored, again automatically, in storage tanks located close to the skid platform. All the parts of the equipment that make up the dissolution process are constructed with components that are resistant to salt corrosion from both the solution and the environment, thus guaranteeing efficiency, durability and low economic/maintenance impact. From storage, concentrates can be automatically retrieved from production as a ready-to-use diluted solution at the desired concentrations.

One or more preserving liquid filtration stations can be installed on request. The plant is equipped with integrated CIP cleaning, and can be considered as Industry 4.0 managed. All operations carried out are tracked and archived for production purposes. The design of the system takes into account minimum heat energy requirements, although sufficient components are included in the overall design of the equipment to cope with extraordinary production requirements should the need arise.

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