Internal logistics systems

Prototech designs and manufactures intelligent internal transport systems capable of satisfying all the logistical stages involved in the finished product: handling of the packaged product, palletisation, storage, retrieval for shipping, re-direction to the sorting area; and those involving incoming raw materials or production logistics: unloading, storage, collection, re-direction to the preparation and packaging areas.

The unique engineering and technological skills acquired over the years in the food, pharma and chemical sectors enable the company to create highly developed systems with advanced and intelligent management and operational automation.

When designing its handling systems, Prototech not only takes into account the management and functional objectives agreed with the customer, but also evaluates and analyses the elements that will materially affect the expected performance of the system, such as: environmental conditions, resources needed for management, safety, costs, etc.

Prototech trusts in its own engineers for the construction of its systems, with everything built in its own workshops, except for certain components such as rollers, robots, etc.

Prototech relies on its engineers for the construction of its plant and everything is built in its workshops, except for some components such as rollers, robots, etc.

The materials used in the manufacture of the equipment (chassis, electrical, electronic and pneumatic components) are designed to take into account the particular characteristics of the environment in which they will be installed (wet, saline, sterile, etc.). Critical systems are usually pre-assembled in Prototech's workshops and tested before being delivered and installed at the customer's site. If requested, the customer can be present during the tests and conduct an initial acceptance test. After installation, the equipment undergoes a production validation test to certify its compliance with project design and objectives and to ensure the repeatability of operations. As part of the validation process, the customer's personnel are trained in both plant operation and routine maintenance.


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