Specific Applications

Specific Applications

Prototech has created many “production solutions” for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Prototech has a thorough knowledge of all transformation, treatment and packaging processes and a extremely high standard of technology and engineering expertise. Together with its organisational and production framework, it is able to interpret and solve specific production problems that very often exceed what the market offers in terms of functional and operational standards.

Within this area we create unique solutions that are highly integrated into the production process and essential for optimum performance. Its "Bin" containers are both strategic and unique in this respect, for sterile food valves used in the production of spray cream requiring sterilisation, transport, storage, replenishment of production facilities under sterile conditions and storage of leftovers.

Its automated cheese rack tilters simplify internal logistics operations in the dairy sector, as do some of its end-of-line sorters. There are many other innovative and interesting applications that can be viewed on our website.

In this section, which we can define as our “Solutions” page, we also include all the partial or total revamping work on Prototech systems and machines that we carry out in our own workshops or directly at the customer's premises.

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