Milk and derivatives

The dairy sector represents, at both a national and European level, an industrial pillar with a highly significant and fundamental economic and strategic value, both from an organoleptic and nutritional standpoint and also from that of technological development.

Proof of this was the response of the market in the Covid era, where the sector, with its mission and the dedication of operators at all levels, has not suffered production or distribution downturns of any kind.

Its importance requires a technologically innovative industrial culture, which has as its final objective the qualitative growth of products and food safety, within a controlled, sustainable and competitive supply chain and production system.
Prototech is perfectly aware of these potential problems and believes, on the basis of its experience and technological knowledge of this area, that it can work hand-in-hand with dairy companies along this path of technological development and innovation with plant solutions that involve the entire production process and maintain the defining characteristics and taste of the products, leaving them unaltered and in compliance with food safety and the regulations in force at the time.

Our design approach begins with the study of raw materials and the characteristics of the finished product, and to use these results to identify appropriate and innovative technological solutions, which will be engineered, implemented and tested as individual components as well as part of the overall process.

The plant components not produced by Prototech itself are supplied by selected partners recognised for their technological expertise, and for this reason they are considered an integral part of the project and therefore subject to the same tests and guarantees contractually offered by Prototech.

Our plant are all equipped with management and control systems and can be remotely monitored and managed in compliance with process standards, allowing for guaranteed, high-quality production in order to optimise both efficiency and profitability.

The single point of supply, design, engineering, installation and testing of the entire process is the "added value" that we can offer to companies in the dairy sector.

Milk and derivatives
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