Hard and semi-hard cheeses, aged and medium-mature

The dairy sector, strongly linked to agricultural traditions and the culture of places and people, has, with the onset of globalisation and its ever-wider influence on our way of eating, morphed into a refined and technologically complex industry; on the one hand it has to maintain and preserve its traditional character, yet on the other manufacture with innovative, sustainable, competitive and hygienic industrial processes.

Accompanying producers in the development of their projects to achieve successful and reliable results requires a great deal of experience in the sector, knowledge of the raw materials used and practical experience of the technologies and processes of transformation, ageing and conservation. It is essential that the cheeses do not lose their organoleptic, visual, sensory, food safety and yield characteristics during the production process.

To achieve all this, appropriate, controlled and continually sanitised production environments are required; the facilities must therefore be of high technological and functional quality, fully automated and controlled in order to avoid differences in quality, quantity and yield standards, which are vital for reaching economic and market objectives.

All this within a complex industrial landscape made up of large companies and SMEs, where the needs are different in terms of plant complexity, but the same in terms of production output and product standards.

Prototech, thanks to its knowledge and experience in this area of technology, is able to support dairy companies in their search for the best solutions for their production needs.

Hard and semi-hard cheeses, aged and medium-mature
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