• 12 Nov 2020

CIP/SIP unit with fluid discriminator

Prototech solutions include sterile sanitary units for washing pipes, storage tanks, aseptic tanks, production lines, packaging machines and any equipment in contact with the product. Our standard solutions, both on skid platforms and integrated systems, are equipped with automatic control systems for temperature, concentration of water / detergent solutions and the time required for the washing programs to guarantee deep cleaning and sanitisation.

Prototech is at an advanced design stage of a system intended for use in its CIP washing units: a washing fluid discriminator designed for selective use of washing returns. It provides efficiency gains over current sanitation systems, especially from an economic perspective, in environmental sustainability (reduction in the volume of discharged fluid) and of the energy impact (fluid thermal energy recovery). The project will aid the entire food industry, where the organoleptic properties of products, production techniques and the large number of potential formulations require a significant number of washes.