• 15 Apr 2021

Solid / Wet Granulated Additive Dispenser

This new dispenser developed by Prototech allows predefined quantities of wet granulated additives to be added continuously and homogeneously before drainage and filling of block moulds.

During project development around improving and extending automation and control of production processes in the dairy sector, and after having created plant for the controlled dissolution of salt in the preparation of preserving liquid and its safe transfer to the packaging lines, Prototech has developed an additive-dosing unit for solid / wet granules to curd before drainage and filling of block moulds. The D-G1-SU dispenser has been designed to continuously and homogeneously add predetermined quantities of moist granulated additives with an average grain size of about 5x5x5 mm. Specifically, Prototech evaluated the following flavourings: chilli pepper, mushrooms, walnuts, truffles and olives. The production data we examined focused on refining the technological process, the quantity of milk to be curdled expressed in number of vats, their emptying times and the requisite quantities of additive for each vat.