At Prototech, process engineering in our core industries of food and pharmaceuticals means carefully studying how raw materials are transformed into finished products through physical, chemical or biological processes, and then using this information to design innovative technological
solutions that ensure high production performance in both unit and global process operations.

In summary, in process engineering the operative approach must be reversed, starting not from the machine and its role in the process, but instead from the analysis of all the elements and phases that contribute to and influence it. It could be said that a paradigm shift is needed in the creation of a transformational process. Initially, the graphic representation of the process will guide the development of the project, and then, through the use of mathematical models, the operational conditions of the process itself and its effectiveness in achieving the set objective will be defined and simulated.

The results of these computer simulations will then allow the engineering team to develop the most effective process technology, either through the use of standard production systems or through the development of customised technological solutions that ensure production quality, consistency of results, high performance, hygiene and safety, and environmental and financial sustainability.